We want to BUY LOCAL EGGS.  A number of people have asked about selling farm fresh eggs to Seeds and Greens, but you must be registered with the egg board to sell wholesale or at a farmers market. It's not complicated to get licensed. Please see the links below.

Egg Sellers: You do not need to have a FID (Federal ID) you just need to register with the Indiana Egg Board. visit http://www.ansc.purdue.edu/iseb/

Application Download: http://www.ansc.purdue.edu/iseb/ApplicationWholesale.pdf 
If you sell 149 dozen or less a year the fee is $50. per year for the licenses/150 to 7500 dozen the fee is $90

Packaging your eggs: Really pretty simple and all the guidelines are at the link below. You can use new cartons or used. If your are recycling cartons you need to cross of the existing info and list current info such as date etc. I would like to provide you with a custom label that would have your farm name and Seeds and Greens then you would put date info on label and apply on recycled cartons. http://www.ansc.purdue.edu/iseb/Guidelines%20for%20labeling%20eggs.pdf

We support local Farms, Artisans Foods, and products

Buy Local:Sell Local

Do you have product that you grow or make that we should sell at Seeds and Greens? Use the Contact Us page to inquire about being a vender. If you have a product list, pictures, or a wholesale price list that would be helpful.  We can only buy food products from vendors who are registered with the state or the Indiana Egg Board. Contact us for more information.